We are

We are screenwriters. Our stories give birth to series and movies. We create the characters and spin the plots. We write the dialogue. Our scripts form the basis for every film and television project in Germany, but our crucial role is not adequately recognised by the industry nor respected in the filmmaking process. Our rights as authors are not protected in our contracts. We want to change all that.

We want to introduce contractual and behavioural standards to Germany that have long been a matter of course in other countries We maintain that these improvements will be reflected in the quality of the work on screen.
From 1 July 2018, the signatories of this declaration will enter into contract negotiations only if they are guaranteed the following:


The author is responsible for the script until the final version, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The author has a say in the selection of the director. The decision will be made by mutual agreement.


The author is invited to table reads with the actors.


The author is granted the right to see and comment on the dailies as they come in and on the rough cut at the earliest opportunity. The author is invited to internal screenings or rough cut presentations with the network.


The author is mentioned by name in all communication materials about the project (press releases, program notes, posters, etc.) and invited to all project-related public events.


The signatories undertake to accept orders for script revisions to another author’s project (rewriting, polishing, etc.) only after they have come to an understanding with the author who is leaving the project.