The genesis of Kontrakt ’18

  • 4TH DECEMBER 2019

    Interim results: 216 authors have signed the Kontrakt '18.

  • 30TH NOVEMBER 2019

    Annual meeting and Big Party in Berlin with all signatories.

  • 8TH NOVEMBER 2019

    Degeto invites 30 K'18 authors to Frankfurt.

  • 6TH SEPTEMBER 2019

    Late summer conference K18 at the Hotel Savoy with about 40 colleagues.

  • 30TH APRIL 2019

    K´18 Core team meets in Cologne to discuss strategy. Among other things an initiative at the universities is agreed upon, as well as a panel in November with K18 undersigned inside to a special topic. In addition colleagues of the direction, camera and other trades are invited.

  • 13TH FEBRUARY 2019

    Second round table with representatives of the producer alliance

  • 9TH FEBRUARY 2019

    Around 20 agents from all over Germany accepted our invitation and took part in the exchange of experiences regarding the previous contract negotiations under contract 18. A closer networking and a regular information update were agreed upon.

  • 15TH DECEMBER 2018

    Large authors' conference with all Kontrakt '18 signatories and subsequent BIG PARTY!

  • 11TH DECEMBER 2018

    We cordially welcome 56 students of Film Acadamies as newcomers to Kontrakt '18.

  • 23RD NOVEMBER 2018

    Further discussion with Degeto boss Christine Strobel and editor-in-chief Sascha Schwingel with contract '18 representatives.

  • 9TH OCTOBER 2018

    Third meeting of authors at the Savoy Hotel in Berlin with about 30 authors.

  • 2ND OCTOBER 2018

    NDR workshop talk in cooperation with Filmfest Hamburg: "Kontrakt '18 und die Folgen" (Kontrakt '18 and the consequences)

  • 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018

    In Berlin, a very constructive and open discussion takes place with the fiction directors of the network Yvonne Weber and Stefan Gärtner. From Kontrakt '18 Seite Annette Hess, Kristin Derfler, David Ungureit, Thorsten Wettcke, Richard Kopf and Hanno Hackfort are on board. In response to Kontrakt '18, ProSieben SAT.1 has drawn up a Code of Conduct to improve future cooperation between editors and authors. A joint industry day is planned for 2019 in cooperation with Kontrakt '18.

  • 31ST AUGUST 2018

    ZDF and VDD invite you to the "Writers In The Room". High-ranking station managers formulate the wish to establish new forms of cooperation between authors and station. It is agreed that they will meet again in a small group in a timely manner with Kontrakt '18.

  • 22ND AUGUST 2018

    Kristin Derfler, Letterbox and ZDF agree on additional contract passages in the name of the authors of the ZDF series Notruf Hafenkante. These passages will define Kontraktt '18 with special regard to the format and its production conditions for the future cooperation.

  • 8TH AUGUST 2018

    Meeting with the Producer Alliance in Berlin. Annette Hess, Kristin Derfler, Thorsten Wettcke and Volker A. Zahn discuss the application of contract '18 in contract negotiations with five representatives of the producer alliance: Barbara Thielen (Ziegler Film), Doris Zander (Aspekt Telefilm), Uli Aselmann (Die Film), Andreas Knoblauch (Studio Hamburg/Letterbox), Fritz Wildfeuer (Constantin).

  • 4TH JULY 2018

    First public panel at the Munich Film Festival about the initiative Kontrakt '18 Annette Hess and Kristin Derfler discuss with Oliver Berben (Constantin Film), Michael Polle (X-Filme), Sven Bohse (Director), Dr. Manfred Hattendorf (SWR) and Bastian Wagner (ZDF) the new role of screenwriters in Germany.

  • 9TH JUNE 2018

    Press release on the initiative "Kontrakt ’18" was linked to numerous interviews with the signatories.

  • 8TH JUNE 2018

    Ninety-five authors/screenwriters signed Kontrakt '18 'prior to its publication.

  • 24TH MAY 2018

    A second author meeting took place at the Berlin Savoy Hotel with about 30 authors. The "Kontrakt '18" is fine adjusted and adopted together.

  • 14TH FEBRUARY 2018

    At an authors conference at the International Film School (ifs), the initiators came together with Arne Nolting, Jan-Martin Scharf, David Ungureit, Thorsten Wettcke and Eva Zahn formulated a first draft for the "Kontrakt '18".

  • 26TH JANUARY 2018

    The authors Kristin Derfler, Orkun Ertener, Annette Hess and Volker A. Zahn founded the initiative "Kontrakt '18".

  • 11TH JANUARY 2018

    In 2018, the German Television Award (DFP) caused public outrage among screenwriters, many of whom were not invited to celebrate when their own projects were nominated. As a result, the DFP are changed their mind last minute and the authors of the nominated works were subsequently invited.